Background Checks in Recruiting

Background Checks in Recruiting copy

“Never judge a book by its cover.” That’s a common saying that’s been around for many generations. In terms of recruitment, it means something very unique. When it comes to selecting the best candidates to work for your business, going deeper than just face value should be a routine practice.

As a matter of first importance, in a more aggressive activity showcase, people are more adept to decorate or conceal certain parts of their narratives so as to seem more appealing to selection representatives. While a portion of these activities are genuinely clear to the prepared selection representative, not all will be anything but difficult to spot until the point that the historical verification happens. An individual verification ought to incorporate these components:

Uncover the Truth with Background Checks

First and foremost, in a more competitive job market, individuals are more apt to embellish or hide certain aspects of their histories in order to appear more attractive to recruiters. While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the trained recruiter, not all will be easy to spot until the background check takes place. A background check should include all of these elements:

  • Work history and educational verification prior to interviews taking place
  • Drug test conducted by a third-party administrator before a formal job offer made
  • Criminal background check to include the required level of clearance (civilian vs. government)

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